Why Rock Is Dying

The term rock is a popular genre of music that has its roots, deeply embedded in country and rock and roll music. It is centered on guitar and has many sub-genres. One of the major qualities of rock is the everlasting sound of guitar. There is so much you can do with a combo of electric guitar, drum-kit, bass and singer writing 3-4 minutes songs.

You can also amplify them with organs, jazz brass or orchestras. But all these strategies were done in the late 70s. Is rock dying? Singles and albums are no longer selling. Bands only make more money from live shows and no new bands are coming up. Rock music is one of the strongest genres of modern music. But, it never died!

Why Rock Is Dying:

Rock bands are no longer signed to major labels. Nowadays, no band in their 20s is reaching the stratosphere. Rock is not dead for some bands. When some major bands get older they fade away, rock might come to a slow halt since there are no new bands coming up.

Actually, there is no music that ever goes viral naturally. It is paid adverts that make them goes viral and at some point snowballs. However, you have to get the ball rolling with money. No unfamiliar music will go viral naturally if they do; they will become old news within few months. Going viral is not enough to build a career.

You may find out that some people purchase your music after spending a large amount of money on advertisement. But, you won’t become famous. If you make sales, those sales are probably for some amount of money within a year. You need fame. The fame will definitely set the ball rolling and bring more money later in the future.

If you’re not famous, it will be hard to convince people to listen to your music or spend money on it. No brands will pay for bands that have little listeners. That is how ridiculous some rock bands are. Essentially, it’s almost not possible for you to create a buzz for yourself but until you do, most people won’t take you seriously. The buzz need to be maintained and shows you’re still relevant.

What will rock bands be playing in the next 20 years? For example, some big festivals like Coachella that started with rock-oriented music some years ago did not have rock act in 2018. Taking lady gaga for examples, she is not only doing pop music, but she offers a pop message. This has helped many rock artists produce music that was a bit lighter and convey a strong message. This has helped in contributing positively to the decay of rock music. What we’re witnessing today is the slow death of rock.

There are many talented rock bands out there. Rock is not dead. It’s just sleeping. This is the most significant period in the history of rock music since, it has plateaued. In order for it to keep rising it must evolve. It will be very exciting to see when and how that happens.