Why the Battles really broke up?

The Battles are an American tentative rock group, started in 2002 in New York City by Ian Williams.  This band is famous because they use tentative and tempo heavy post rock style. All details about Battles rock group are as under:

The members of Battles are

  • John Stainer (Drummer)
  • Ian Williams (Guitarist/Keyboardist)
  • Dave Konopka (Guitarist/bassist)
  • Tyundai Braxton (Vocalist/composer and former member)

Battles played different genres of rock music. The names of the rock music are as under:

  • Experimental rock
  • Art rock
  • Post rock
  • Math rock
  • Progressive rock
  • Electronic rock

The labels recorded by Battles are as follows:

  • Warp
  • Dim Mak

The members of Battles rock group also perform associated tasks, such as

  • John Stainer
  • Tyondai Braxton
  • Ian Williams
  • Dave Konopka

In February 2006, The Battles rock band started their career. They released their first debuted album on the Wrap Record. The band released their first single from the album “Atlas” on 21 February 2007. Mirrored was their complete full length album release on May 14, 2007.  Battles released streaming video for the trajectory “tonto”.            United Visual Artist cooperated in “Tonto” with them.

Audi and Honda car companies used the song “The Race” and also the “Atlas” (in remix) for the ads. Battles performed their new song “sweetie and Shag” in Dublin in December 10, 2010. Battles released two songs “Leyendecker and Bad Trails” in episode 7 of the US show “The Skin” (season 4). Title track of “The Twilight Saga: moon Eclipse) was also given by Battles. The name of the song was “The Line” which was really liked by the audience.

Break Up

The Battles band really broke up in August 2010. The Band announces the news that Tyonadi Braxton left the rock group. The real cause of break up was unknown. Braxton had explained that their band has a tour already schedule for the next upcoming year. Braxton also inform the media that he did not want to go on the tour. So, the Battles all-time favorite rock group band broke up. This was really shocking news for the fans of Battles. In the band the chemistry of these four was incredibly interesting.

Activities after the break-up

After the break up in June 6’ 2011 Battles released their second album: Glass Drop”.  Battles invited Gary Nyman, Kazu Makino and Yamantaka Eye as highlighting guests. Battles also announced their some upcoming tours in this ceremony. This is the first ceremony of Battles after their break up. A series of 12” Vinyl Eps were unconfined in February to April 2012,

Battles release the 11 remixes of featuring assembling album on 6 April 2012. Multi-platform video game was released in August 2012. The featured song “Futura’ was presented by Battles in the game.

In FIFA video game “Ice cream” the featured commercial video was also given by Battles in September 2012. Actor and humorist Seth Meyers, Olympian and expert basketball player Steve Nash, and Olympian and expert goal keeper Hop Solo were involved in the commercial. From Facebook Battles announced their third album in 2014 and the title were announced on July 5, 2015. Battles performed live sessions in New York through Wrap Record. On September 2015, Battles announced their new featured song through sound cloud.

These all activities were done after the breakup of this famous rock band. But nobody knows the actual reason of their collapse.